Prepare, study, worry, repeat - dealing with the SHSAT

About 30,000 New York eighth graders and freshmen filed into test centers across the city last month, ready to take the quite important — and controversial — Specialized High School Admissions Test, more commonly known as the SHSAT.

Biaggi’s ‘save bees bill’ brings ecology buzz to Albany

Trace New York City’s iconic food to its most basic ingredients and you’ll find a blossoming plant in a field. You’ll likely also spot a tiny, fuzzy bee booty sticking up among the petals.


Has Montefiore revived plans to build medical center on Riverdale Avenue?

A battle that divided a community over what to build in an empty lot located smack dab in the middle of businesses stretched along Riverdale Avenue apparently is catching fire once again.


Overnight closures continue on Henry Hudson Bridge

Construction work continues on the Henry Hudson Bridge, but so do the closures — and the detours that come with them.

Stranger in a strange new land?

Marti Michael comes from a family focused on volunteer work, and helping out wherever needed. As the executive director of The Riverdale Y, Michael lent many a helping hand to community center members during her tenure there, and once she retired in 2014, quickly found herself tiring of her free time.

Ziering archive honors Holocaust's survivors, fighters

Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter Herman Ziering was dedicated to memorializing those who died in the Holocaust, and bringing those who were complicit to justice.


Playoff-bound Kennedy rolls past Lehman

Sometimes mental toughness is every bit as essential to a football team as its physical strength. Case in point, the Kennedy Knights.

Lawmakers want to save local news —well, TV local news

Local news is in peril. From rampant job cuts to dwindling budgets, communities across the country are suffering from a dearth of outlets providing crucial coverage creating what’s being called “news deserts.”

Karen Franklin’s work reunites families across generations

Karen Franklin’s genealogy journey began in her family’s basement during her years in college.


Artists, their many lives, and their new exhibit

They say the older one gets, the less they are able to achieve. All one can do is look back on what was managed in youth, and be content with that.


Survival begins every single day in 'Power Strip'

The Lincoln Center Theater’s production of Sylvia Khoury’s “Power Strip” offers a harrowing tale of survival, and a microcosm of one of the world’s great challenges.

Bronx borough president:

Want to legalize marijuana? It must be fair

New York inches closer and closer to outright legalizing recreational use of marijuana. But if and when that happens, Bronx borough president Ruben Diaz Jr., believes there should be some ground rules established first.


Richie Stein, Hilary Baum honored at RNH benefit

If it wasn’t for the Riverdale Neighborhood House, there likely would have never been a Riverdale Press. By the same token, the community organization continues to flourish today because of the work of volunteers like former Riverdale Press co-owner Richard Stein and wife Hilary Baum.