Proposed drug clinic worries K’bridge neighbors

Operators of a proposed drug abuse clinic have their sights set on conquering a corner of Kingsbridge, leaving Community Board 8 with a slew of unanswered questions — and some neighbors with a barrel of concerns.

Knolls gives nursery June deadline to move

When Stephanie Singer began Riverdale Community Nursery School in 1978, she never dreamed it would still be her life’s true passion well past retirement age.

Bronx Science sets out to change the world

Shortly after the third period buzzer Friday, a green-clad group of Bronx High School of Science students — about 100 strong — burst through the school’s front door.


Student sues Fieldston school claiming racial discrimination

Just days after protests rocked its campus, Ethical Culture Fieldston school is heading to court after a senior there filed suit, accusing the prestigious private school of racial discrimination.

At 13, Sammy Voit already balances screen career, life

Sammy Voit is just your average teenager, studying hard in his eighth-grade classes and hanging out with friends. But then again, Sammy isn’t just your average teenager.

Lehman peppers hot sauce market through own garden

Lehman College is built on the foundation of hard work, determination — and spice.


Brother’s love spawns a project of inclusion

At first glance, the group of children gathered inside SAR High School last Sunday looked like your average group of kids working on their basketball game.

The battle of the pie

A couple of crusty competitors pursue customers’ pizza preference under the ‘el’

Some New Yorkers might argue choosing a slice of pizza is kind of like choosing a lover — highly subjective, deliciously simple for some, profoundly complex for others.

Ahmed takes prize for colonialism critique

Siraj Ahmed is the definition of one-in-a-million.

Heather Smith gives up gems in return to community journalism

The Riverdale Press is welcoming a touch of the south to its newsroom.


‘Daddy’ stage production is a long way from home

Of all the tried-and-true dramatic formulas, the love story ranks close to the top.

Brust Park stewards seed soil for spring blossoms

Jacqueline Hosford had a vision. A plan.

Police Beat

Radio console ripped from Acura

It seems a timeless tale, if ever there were one — cars offer criminals a veritable bevy of items all too easy to purloin.


Engel tries again for LGBTQ equal rights

U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel is once again pushing for expanded federal protections supporting members of the LGBTQ community as one of the congressional leaders pushing H.R. 5, also known as The Equality Act.


Mitzvah Day at Riverdale Temple

The Riverdale Temple has a full plate set up for Mitzvah Day on March 31 — and it could be a chance to help make sure others have a full plate, too.

Green Scene

Journey to stay warm: From animal migration to biology

Despite recent moderating temperatures here in Riverdale, our recent cold snap is still a searing memory. Fortunately, we humans can retreat into warm homes and heavy clothing, but how do animals cope?