Antonio Robinson, 102-year-old inventor, dies


Antonio Eugenio Robinson, born May 1, 1912 in La Vega, Dominican Republic, died on Oct. 29 in Riverdale at the age of 102.    

A self-made inventor, he holds multiple U.S. Patents for automotive and commercial products. An avid reader, especially of The New York Times, until his sight failed from the ravages of glaucoma, he also immensely enjoyed classical music. 

Mr. Robinson was married to Carmen Ramona Mejia from San Jose de Ocoa, Dominican Republic for 72 years. 

His family noted that he was a deeply religious and principled man and a highly regarded member of his secular and religious communities. They said  that he was well-liked and his counsel and opinion was sought after by all those who knew him as he was a problem solver. 

Demonstrating unusual mechanical and automotive problem-solving capacity at an early age, Mr. Robinson was a national consultant throughout the Dominican Republic and the U.S., whether the topic was helping troubleshoot an ailing power plant, airplane engine or agricultural processing equipment.   

One of his U.S. patents concerned the use of an energy conservation system for an electric vehicle more than 15 years before they were considered for the consumer market.

Mr. Robinson immigrated to New York City in 1950 and sponsored family members and those fleeing Trujillo-era oppression in  the 1950s and 60s, aiding them with temporary housing, finding them employment and helping them to become U.S. citizens. 

He was acknowledged by various societies of inventors and received proclamations from the state Assembly. 

He is survived by his wife of 72 years, Carmen Robinson, his daughter Eugenia Robinson, granddaughter Liza Robinson, grandson Michael Andre Robinson and sons Peter and Michael Robinson and daughter–in-law Elaine (born Bedard) Robinson. His son Carver died in 1984.  

He is also survived by loving friends and family in New York, Connecticut and the Dominican Republic. 

A kind, gentle man, he will be greatly missed by all those who had the opportunity to meet him.