From other pens: Don't be an egg-cessory


The NYPD says it wants everyone in the city to have fun on Halloween — they just don’t want anybody to get hurt. “Throwing eggs can be very dangerous and cause serious injuries,” said Police Officer Faith Carter, in charge of Crime Prevention at the 111th Precinct. “They can also cause serious damage to someone’s property and these are crimes,” she said.

People, especially kids, don’t think of eggs as dangerous, cops admit, but a broken eggshell in the eye can do serious harm, they point out.

Shaving cream contains ingredients that can cause both injury and property damage, Carter also warned.

Throwing eggs at moving vehicles is especially dangerous, cops say.

So NYPD Crime Prevention Officers are fanning out all over the city, spreading the word to grocery store owners and employees:

Please exercise common sense when conducting a sale to a minor around Halloween. Do not sell eggs, shaving cream and flour to minors.

Anyone who observes someone actually in the act of throwing objects at cars or onto highways at any time should call 911, police said.

Try to arrange to go door to door in neighborhoods you know. Trick-or-treating in groups is the best way to be safer. Ask several parents to go along. The more eyes the better.

Make sure your children can see out of their costumes. Many injuries occur when a mask slips or a wig slides over unsuspecting eyes.

Provide at least one flashlight for your group with fresh batteries installed. Porches and stoops can be treacherous at night as excited ghosts and goblins reach into the candy bowl for another bit of chocolate.

Give your kids a few pieces of candy they can eat while they are out there trick-or-treating — and have them promise to bring the “candy from strangers” home — for examination.

Parents must simply use common sense. Discard any open, unwrapped or bundled by the homeowner bags of sweets.

Ditto any baked products like cupcakes, cookies or brownies. No matter how tempting they look, you are better off being safe than sorry.

If you are driving, remember that the kids may dart from between parked cars at any time.

Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drive distracted: don’t text, don’t talk on the phone, don’t check the directions to your party while you’re driving.

Don’t be haunted by a bad memory. —The Queens Courier, Queens, N.Y.