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Horace Mann students earn medals in physics Olympiad


Two Horace Mann seniors have won semi-finalist medals for their performances on the USA Physics Olympiad Exam, sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers. 

Student Jay Fleischer, 18, received a silver medal in the competition. Senior John Wang, 18, earned a bronze medal. 

About 400 students qualified for the semifinal exam, held on March 25. Students with scores in the top half were awarded medals. The top 20 students will  attend a physics camp in the summer, when five students will be selected to represent the U.S. in the International Physics Olympiad.

“It shows both their ability and also the results of a lot of hard work in their physics classes,” said Stephen Palfrey, the chair of Horace Mann’s science department. He teaches the two students’ Advanced Placement Physics class. “Doing well on [the exam] indicates their willingness… to spend time wrestling with difficult material so they really understand it.” 

Mr. Fleischer, who plans to attend the University of Pennsylvania’s engineering and applied sciences school in the fall, said he has been interested in physics for years. 

“I’m really interested in the way the universe works, from individual atoms to astronomical objects,” said the student, who built a robot in sixth grade that could pick up paperclips with an electromagnet. A member of Horace Mann’s robotics team, he often uses physics to assess different designs. 

While he is still getting used to the idea that he only has a few weeks left of high school, Mr. Fleischer said he is excited about college.

“I’m sure whatever I’m doing in the future will involve some combination of physics, computer science and engineering,” he said. 

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