Nothing breaks young runner’s stride

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“There are a bunch of people, and I get to know them when I run with them,” he said. “Rather than running alone, I get to be with other people.”

When asked who would be the least and most challenging of the Disney characters to face in a race, Adam placed his hand on his face, extended his index finger to his cheek and pondered. 

“Donald wouldn’t be hard,” he decided. “He has webbed feet that are more good on water than on land.”

Goofy, no doubt, would be the toughest. 

“He is tall and has long legs,” said Adam. “But I still think I could beat him.”

Adam came back to the Bronx having earned his seventh medal since starting to run. 

Two of the medals — from Achilles Kids — are engraved with the slogan, “Hope & Possibilities.” 

“I hope I have the possibility to attend college,” said Adam. “To keep running and get a degree in math and science.”


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