Revitalize Tibbett’s Tail


Even in the borough of parks and universities, the northwest Bronx stands out for its variety of green spaces. Van Cortlandt Park has a plethora of engaging amenities, Riverdale Park provides a naturally wild refuge and numerous playgrounds and fields delight people of all ages.

Why, then, has Tibbett’s Tail been such a disaster?

A trek through the narrow grounds — which are officially under the Department of Parks and Recreation — turns up sacks of trash and random detritus. Far from being a welcome area for area children, the park, which abuts Bailey Playground, looks like a den of potential crime at night.

Local volunteers deserve plaudits for their recent efforts to restore Tibbett’s Tail. Last week, one of them noted that polluters were yet to badly tamper with the scenery since a December clean-up day. Nevertheless, Press journalists noticed plenty of garbage at the park earlier this month.

We look forward to seeing what the new Friends of Tibbett’s Tail and the recently formed Bronx Climate Justice North (BCJN) have in store for the area. Judging by the past vigor of Alicia Grullon, Jennifer Scarlott and their kindred spirits, there already is cause for optimism.

The possibilities seem endless. Tibbett’s Tail could become home to a community garden. Maybe it could be a lab for eco-friendly jobs. With a bit of investment, some great amenities could come there.

While the Friends of Tibbett’s Tail and BCJN organize ways to solicit community input on the area, the Department of Parks and Recreations should make sure the site does not become a disaster again.