Riverdale Rotary raises money for clean water in Malawi


The Riverdale Rotary showed the film Water First on June 21, raising $1,020 to enable more wells to be dug in Malawi, a country in southeast Africa where many do not have clean water. 

Directed and produced by Amy Hart, Water First shows what Malawians go through to get clean water and what happens to them when none is available. The film focuses on Charles Banda, a Malwian fireman who has provided clean water hundreds of thousands of fellow Malwians with clean water. 

“The film really demonstrated the need for clean water and how in America we take water for granted,” said Blanche Christian-Crawford, treasurer and head of this event, which drew 33 people and was sponsored by Larry Brownridge. 

The rotary plans to show the film a few more times in order to raise more funds and create awareness.

For more information or to make a contribution, call Blanche Christian-Crawford, at 212-486-8500 or 718-884-5406.