A clean sweep in the laundry room


Chump change seemed tempting enough to risk an arrest for one person inside of an apartment building May 25.

Just before 2 early that morning, the superintendent of 6495 Broadway told police he heard a noise in the laundry area. He looked through the peephole of his apartment door and reportedly saw someone in a gray hoodie leaving the laundry room. When he went to check it out, he found the laundry room window was shattered, according to police, and someone had broken into the coin machine.

It was unclear to police whether there had been any money in the machine at the time. 

While video did show someone entering and leaving the laundry room, it did not show the crime itself.

The 50th Precinct’s detective squad is still investigating. In the meantime, however, they would like to talk more with a man they described as about 20 years old, 6-foot-1, and 220 pounds.

In the pale moonlight

Luna Deli was quiet the evening of May 23 — that is until someone entered the store with some bad intentions.

That someone, according to police, entered 2820 Bailey Ave., bodega just after 10 p.m., promptly removing just over $2,000 from the cash register before hightailing it out of the store.

He didn’t make it far, however, as he was nabbed by a member of the 50th Precinct on the scene, police said, and was charged with burglary.