A do-it-yourself boiler repair project


The typical choices for vehicle burglaries are personal cars and SUVs, with thieves generally making off with purses and wallets. But more recently, however, someone got particularly lucky when they found a parked commercial van.

Someone shattered the rear window of a van parked on the 6500 block of Broadway sometime between the evening of Sept. 4 and the early morning of Sept. 8, police said, finding a treasure trove of equipment. The van belonged to Miller Proctor Nickolas, a boiler company based in Tarrytown, and was loaded with drills, a welding kit, heavy-duty batteries, and a boiler replacement — all told worth nearly $2,000.

There were no witnesses, but police were able to access camera footage from 6565 Broadway, giving the detective squad some key leads that may just crack this case.


Find My iCar?

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t used the Find My iPhone app when their smartphone goes missing — either in the hands of an errant pickpocket, or lost in your seat cushions. Pinging the app can bring the pricey device safely back into its frantic owner’s hands.

But one woman used a similar app to find something a little more expensive — her stolen car.

She parked her 2018 Honda Accord at the corner of Oxford Avenue and West 236th Street on Sept. 10, but when she returned the next morning it was gone.

Luckily, she had an app installed that could track the car — and it immediately gave her a hit on East 174th Street in the Crotona Park area.

When she got there, police said, she found the car parked and empty. Both license plates had been removed, and the front side door had been damaged.

Police are investigating.