A failure to retrieve a package


If you want to leave a package for someone and expect it wil still be there when they come to pick it up, it's probably best not to leave it in a mailbox that others have access to.

One unlucky victim could've  used this advice when her package was stolen from her building's mailbox on the 2700 block of Webb Avenue sometime between Aug. 7 and Aug. 9. The victim told police her boyfriend left the package in the same place other tenants have access to.

Police believe the package's contents were valued at $1,200.

Man killed on Jerome

A 19-year-old man was shot and killed on the 3500 block of Jerome Avenue on Aug. 14, on just the other side of Van Cortlandt Park.

Police aren't releasing many details except to say the victim was shot in the head at around 2 a.m., in a crime they believe may have been gang-related.

A rough return home

There's really nothing like returning home from a nice beach-side vacation only to find your belongings stolen.

That's exactly what happened to one woman at her Heath Avenue home. There police say she left for vacation July 31, returning two weeks later to find two Samsung televisions, 20 pairs of shoes, and two coats stolen from her apartment — in all, valued at $15,400.

Detectives are trying to get to the bottom of this vacation-ruining burglary.