A few observations to share


To the editor:

Bread and circuses. That’s what the Romans gave the masses to entertain them. In this day and age, I have television and newspapers to showcase human folly.

A piece of human excrement murders eight people who did him no harm, and those with a media bullhorn or their own agenda are speculating about his motivation. What intelligent person gives a rat’s gluteus maximus about his motivation?

A heinous act was committed. The enlightened state of Georgia has the death penalty. Exterminate the vermin, and put the execution on color television.

I’m also tired of scum that claim insanity is behind violent depravity. It is a vile canard that besmirches and defames the mentally ill.

My next axe to grind is the governor spectacle in New York. Is Andrew Cuomo a cruel, abusive bully so contemptible and despicable that members of his own party want to be rid of him? Yes, and the nursing home scandal and coverup is a legitimate reason to give him the boot.

But the salacious crap from some thin-skinned females isn’t worth a tinker’s damn. Is Charlie Rangel correct that we should give the guy due process? Normally I’d say yes, but not in this case. Why? Because Cuomo didn’t accord a predecessor that same right, thereby forfeiting it himself.

What credence can I attach to Kirsten Gillibrand’s resignation demand — the same woman who destroyed Al Franken’s career?

Next on the hit parade we have Tony Fauci, a guy who has used up more than his 15 months of fame. What kind of asininity is it to force people to mask up who have been fully vaccinated? Is the new normal going to be slapping a mask on every human for life as soon as they exit a uterus?

When does the paranoia and mass hysteria end? Or does it?

When will our schools reopen? And who runs them — responsible public officials, or union gangsters like Michael Mulgrew and Randi Weingarten? If kids can get their education over a computer, let’s have a small number of master teachers prep complete syllabuses for online learning, and fire most of the army of educational parasites that suck from the public teat with their inflated salaries, pensions, health care, ad nauseum.

We have the Taylor Law in New York, and with a high unemployment rate now, it shouldn’t be too hard to get good college grads to staff real classrooms. Why are teachers now getting salaries and benefits while not in the classroom? That goes for the college teachers, also, and their misnomer cabal, “Professional Staff Congress.”

At this juncture, while getting rid of Trump was a mitzvah, putting Biden in is still bad news. His withdrawal from Afghanistan, desire to restart the Iran nuclear deal, refusal to scrap the filibuster, add trillions to the debt, driving bank interest rates into the toilet, being in the pocket of the teachers unions, failure to enforce border security, and failure to pack the Supreme Court speaks for itself.

There should be adequate police and soldiers, armed with Uzis with orders to open fire on the next fascist stormtroopers who try another Jan. 6 stunt. Those left alive should be caged for 30 years each.

I’ll throw one more in for good measure: This country is not — and never was — a democracy. Let the media and politicians stop the horse manure.

The Electoral College was an 18th century anachronism that, along with two senators from every state, results in minority totalitarianism. It allows a thug like Mitch McConnell to intimidate to this day.

I haven’t even begun to excoriate the religious parasites in this country who’d like to merge church and state and shove their filthy agenda down the throats of the rest of us. But I must save something for another day.

Daniel Lipsman

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Daniel Lipsman,