A lesson: Overbuilding equals overcrowding


I am against continued building in our area. Whatever happened to that once-famous slogan, “Keep Riverdale Green,” which meant keeping grassy areas of land intact for us to enjoy — areas not applied to just our parks?

Many residential buildings constructed in recent years here have never reached full capacity, so why continue to build more? Families who move here have heard about two of the best elementary schools in which to enroll their children: P.S. 24 and P.S. 81. Because of overbuilding, these schools often have waiting lists due to overcrowding.

Good lesson from the schools themselves? Overbuilding equals overcrowding.

The problem of parking our car is a major concern as well. If a residential building cannot offer as many indoor parking spaces as they have apartments, then people must park in the street.

That’s a headache now, as street parking is difficult to find and can be quite a distance from where one lives.

And what’s called “affordable housing” is merely an expression, even laughed at today. Where, in our area, can one find even a small one-bedroom rental apartment for less than $1,500 a month? Add in all the other living expenses each month — gas and electric, phone, internet, cable television, food, clothing, medical and dental expenses, car upkeep — what kind of monthly income must one have to afford all these expenses? What kinds of jobs do they all have? Are they all bank presidents?

Unless a person is living with a working spouse or a working roommate, they cannot meet all the costs of living on their own.

Affordable housing? For who? Where?

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Marcia Trummer,