A lot about vaccines left unsaid


To the editor:

(re: “Dinowitz urges vaccination legislation,” May 2)

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz wants to mandate that all children receive the required vaccines — which today means 53 injections — and wants to eliminate the religious exemption that allows parents to opt out.

He told The Riverdale Press on May 2 that “nobody else’s life should be endangered because you believe in what is nonsense.”

This thoughtless statement spits in the face of all children and parents suffering from the very real damage caused by vaccines, which may involve seizure and nerve disorders, encephalitis, severe brain injury, life-threatening allergies, autism and death. He also implies there is only one right way to view vaccines, that of total acceptance, and closes the door on any further debate.

There are currently no exact statistics on how many children have been permanently damaged or died from vaccines, but you can get an inkling of the crises by researching data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, or VAERS. One statistics, as of Nov. 30, there were 93,179 reports of measles vaccine adverse reactions that included hospitalizations, injuries and death.

Out of this total, 459 children died, and this is due to only one vaccine. And it is estimated that only 10 percent of the actual number of debilitating reactions are reported to VAERS.

Is it very rare to die from actual measles, but enough children have died from this vaccine and others to warrant concern.

If vaccines weren’t harmful, why has the vaccine court awarded $4 billion in damages to families of vaccine-injured children since 1988? Even here, the court turns away most families who seek redress.

In 1986, the pharmaceutical industry was given immunity from all vaccine lawsuits. Prior to this, they were sued so frequently by parents of vaccine-damaged children that they feared they could no longer produce vaccines. The federal government then assumed full liability for these products, at taxpayer expense, and set up the highly selective vaccine court. It’s quite a racket for Big Pharma, whose money flows to politicians, scientists and doctors alike.

The autism rate is now one out of every 36 children. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention senior scientist Dr. William Thompson revealed in 2014 that the CDC covered up data from a 2004 study that showed an increased risk of autism from the MMR vaccine. The autism rate seems to increase as the number of vaccines increase.

In 1986, our children received 11 vaccine injections. Today, it is 53.

The bigger issue here is whether we own our own bodies and whether parents have the right to protect their children from the harm that could possibly result from vaccines or any drug or medical procedure. Not every parent wants to play Russian roulette with their children’s lives.

If we can be forcibly injected, against our will and without our consent (sounds like rape), then every adult and child are nothing more than property of the state. Medical ethics is completely abolished, and we all become experimental subjects whose only role in life is to keep the money flowing into corporations such as Big Pharma.

We have no rights. We are not free.

Patty Goldstein

Patty Goldstein,