A real bumpy stretch of road


To the editor:

While many of the streets in North Riverdale have been resurfaced by the city’s transportation department over the past several years, the southbound section of Fieldston Road between West 250th and West 253rd streets has been sorely and horrendously neglected.

At a recent traffic and transportation committee meeting of Community Board 8, Bronx traffic and transportation commissioner Nivardo Lopez offered the explanation that this stretch of roadway has never been dedicated to the City of New York, and while his department does fill potholes in that stretch, it would not undertake a more costly resurfacing, even though speed bumps and traffic directions signs — which he said the city would only install on dedicated streets — had, in fact, been installed on this stretch.

While one house at the end of West 250th end of the street is within the privately owned district of the Fieldston Property Owners Association and its street paving is the responsibility of the association, there are 19 homes that are among the most highly ratable tax categories that are situated between this property and West 253rd. 

In the 48 years that we have owned and lived in one of those 19 homes, however, the street on which they are located has remained in serious disrepair. 

It’s probably one of those few streets in New York City where the potholes have potholes.

Discriminating against repaving this one particular stretch of street on the grounds that it is not “dedicated” seems to be a poor excuse for a city that does not discriminate against collecting real estate taxes from its occupants. Your staff, your readers, and the members of Community Board 8 — who should be interested in all the streets within their jurisdiction — are invited to inspect this section of the street.

All will be in for quite a ride.

Avrum Hyman 

Avrum Hyman