A year later, Maselli Family speaks out


To the editor:

It has been a year since tragedy struck and shook us to our core. Since July 23, 2007 a piece of us has been lost and the grief and sorrow does not leave us.

During this past year, many accusations have been made against Fred Maselli. We write this letter to refute these accusations.

We know that Fred did not commit any of these accusations that have been made against him. However, we understand that facts hold more power. A complete investigation by both Internal Affairs and the Bronx District Attorney’s Office has cleared Fred from the following allegations that were made against him after his death:

Fred was not a thief.

Fred did not hit or torture women.

Fred did not threaten to kill anyone.

Fred did not run a checkcashing scheme.

Fred was not a bomb waiting to explode.

Fred did not get involved with underage girls.

Often in life people rush to decisions and assumptions and often discover that they were wrong. To the public, it is still unclear as to the circumstances of that tragic night. More information and facts are needed, not opinions. This investigation is far from over.

We can say the following about him: He was loved and admired by family, friends and co-workers. He was always willing and made himself available to help others no matter how busy his schedule. He served his community with pride and was well respected. He was a great father. He was a great son. He had a good heart. He was generous, loving and kind to his family.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank those of you who have given continued support and love during this past year.


‘The Riverdale Press’ reported on July 26, 2007 that Mr. Maselli, a police officer, was accused of shooting his 19-year-old girlfriend and then turning the gun on himself inside his Henry Hudson Parkway apartment. The article did not include any of the above allegations. —editor