Able to make my decision


To the editor:

(re: “Council candidates spar, but agree on equity,” Feb. 4)

I would like to personally thank The Riverdale Press and BronxNet for an interesting and informative debate for the candidates in the upcoming March 23 city council special election.

It was clear the moderators came well-prepared with their questions for each candidate, and kept the debate moving along nicely.

As a voter, I found this debate to be very valuable in my decision to vote for who I think should be the next council member to lead our district.

After watching the debate, I know that our next council member should be Eric Dinowitz. Eric displayed a command of the issues that are most important to our district, like better schools, affordable housing, and support for our small businesses. It’s clear his vision is rooted in the community service he has been doing since he was a kid, growing up right here in our district.

He handled tough questions well, and always managed to distinguish himself by referencing the things he had already accomplished for the people of the Northwest Bronx.

I encourage everyone who hasn’t seen the debate already to do so, and get out to vote in this important special election.

Hillel Landman

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Hillel Landman,