Another cop shooting


To the editor:

The killing of a black man, Botham Jean, by a white police officer in his home in Texas is beyond outrageous! There have been so many killings of unarmed black men by white police it is heartbreaking.

Now this black man was in his own apartment, living his life. By all accounts, he was a good guy, a responsible citizen. He went to church, sang in the choir, and had a good job. And he was shot dead by an officer of the law.

It is clear that the killer is lying about the circumstances surrounding this incident. She said the door was open when she went in, thinking it was her own apartment, and he was a burglar. The neighbors tell a different story. They heard a woman shout for him to open the door, and immediately after, gunfire.

He had red carpet at his door to distinguish it from the others. Would she not immediately recognize she was not at her apartment?

I think the whole story is bull. The question is why Botham Jean was killed. They should look at her social media pages. Was she sympathetic to, or a member of, the Klan, Nazis, or any other hate groups? Was he targeted?

Once again, a black mother has to shed rivers of tears as she buries her son. The soul and the blood of Botham Jean cries out for justice.

How long, O’ Lord, must we endure?

Pauline Binder

Pauline Binder