Asphalt isn't very natural


To the editor:

(re: “Vannie nature lovers mourn Putnam Trail paving,” Aug. 15)

I think I understand both sides of this issue. I love nature, and want to protect every previous inch. But I also love to bike, and there are some unpaved parts of the trail that are dangerous, narrow, and sometimes sharply rutted.

It is especially treacherous in or after a rain.

The trail is shared among bikers, runners and walkers of mixed generations, and parts of the trail are narrow and a potential menace — especially for children and elders.

However, I cannot understand why asphalt is being proposed for this project. There are a number of green infrastructure options, not the least of which is permeable pavement. There are places along the trail that flood continuously — an indication of the need for bioswales and gravel trenches, and other ways of capturing storm and rainwater.

This would also protect the tested Tibbetts Brook.

Parks Department! Please be environmentally mindful and responsible. Use green infrastructure to solve this problem for all involved.

Ray Pultinas

The author is director of the James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center.


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Ray Pultinas,