Attention! Makeup theft on Aisle 4


There are probably better ways to restock your makeup collection than stealing from a Rite Aid.

Apparently one thief didn’t feel that way, and wanted cosmetics without the price tag.

A man walked into the Rite Aid at 21B Knolls Crescent around 2:45 p.m., on Sept. 19, reportedly taking several L’Oréal and Olay cosmetic products without paying.

Police are on the lookout for the white 29-year-old they sat stands 5-foot-10 and has black hair.


Not a Honda CR-V

Another car was stolen from this corner of the Bronx, but surprisingly it wasn’t a Honda CR-V. At least not this time.

The theft took place after dinner on Sept. 18, police said. A man told them he parked his 2014 black Jeep Grand Cherokee at the corner of Sedgwick and Stevenson avenues, only to return later to find it missing.

Cops have few leads, but continue to investigate.


Drunken driver arrested

Driving drunk never ends well, often leading to deadly car crashes. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case near the 3000 block of Riverdale Avenue recently. Instead, cops reported seeing the man jump the curb in his brown 2005 Infiniti FX. When they caught up to the driver, they said he smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot watery eyes, and was unsteady on his feet.

The driver refused a breathalyzer, and was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, driving while intoxicated in the first degree, and refusing to take a sobriety test.