Bad postal response


To the editor:

On April 5, I filed a form online to complain about a worker at one of our local post offices. The clerk was wearing her mask under her nose.

The next morning, I got a call just after 9 from a man who asked if I made the complaint. He started berating me for making it, calling me — or the complaint — “stupid.” He kept saying, “They are behind a bullet-proof barrier.”

When I asked for his name, he would not give it to me. The information on my phone said “private caller,” not the U.S. Postal Service.

He kept talking about a bullet-proof barrier. Getting very upset at his verbal abuse, I hung up.

I thought there was a mask mandate for postal workers. And why is someone allowed to access my phone number and call me at home? I would assume the only ones who can access this information are post office employees at the supervisory level.

Is this the proper way to address a complaint? To me, it sounds more like retaliation and harassment of a female customer.

Evy Mayer

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Evy Mayer,