Bailey Park Handball Extravaganza 2012

Posted by BaileyParkCrew

Our Bailey Park Handball Crew is about determination and dedication to our Handball Opponents and our players during each Tournaments at our park. For four years Bailey park handball have been throwing Handball tournaments for our Bailey park crew in the Bronx. At the end of every year Bailey park Handball Crew have been doing a final extravaganza on October Month. This picture is Our Final Handball Extravaganza 2012. Our Event was October 6th, 2012. We as a family at Bailey Park encourage positive feedbacks and positive atomosphere to new and upcoming players at our park. Congratulations on our finalist. 1st place champions of 2012 are Jot Ortiz & Loudog. 2nd place winners are hamilton Nunez & Tom I. 3rd place winners are Carlos and Anthony Molina.