Ban is for restaurants


To the editor:

I am appalled at the idea of the parks department trying to ban park visitors from feeding squirrels and birds, especially on the grounds that parks supply the natural habitat and food sources needed for them to thrive.

City parks are not the wild. You only have to visit any of the city parks today to see that they have been landscaped to the point of no longer having many of the trees that once supported wildlife habitat.

Instead, the parks are now home to many more outdoor restaurants generating excessive amounts of litter and food garbage.

Of course, the parks department ignores this because they are attempting to divert attention from these profit machines and trick the public into blaming the people who feed the squirrels and birds for their garbage problems.

How shameful that the parks department resorts to this deception. If this horrible ban is adopted, the money-making park outdoor restaurants would laugh all the way to the bank, while seniors and other residents have to deal with heavy fines and jail time.


Harlan Geller

Harlan Geller,