Be careful of street fights you might find


North Riverdale is usually pretty quiet, just blocks from the end of New York City, and the beginning of Yonkers. Yet, there’s not much going on.

That was different the evening of July 19, police said, when a man walking down the street was approached by a stranger and punched in the face.

It was the corner of Liebig Avenue and West 261st Street, and before allegedly being punched in the face, the man was reportedly asked, “Do you want to fight?”

The blow left him with a large bleeding cut over his eyebrow, police said, although his injuries were not severe.

His assailant was described as a Black man, around 35 years old, around 6-foot-1 and 250 pounds. He sped off in a vehicle the victim couldn’t describe, leaving the detective squad tasked with investigating.


A midnight snack

It appeared someone was on the hunt for a late-night snack at Las Palmas Restaurant July 19.

It was around midnight, police said, when a man broke into the restaurant through the back door of the building.

All alone in the restaurant, the man chose not to get himself any chips or chorizo, but instead took $200 in cash from the register and a Samsung tablet, police said. There were no alarms in the building, so the man had vanished by the time police arrived, yet he was caught on the restaurant’s security cameras.

That’s a good lead for officers as they continue to investigate.


Dirty money

For those who might typically avoid heading out to do laundry late at night, it might be good to keep it that way.

Someone decided to pay a visit to the laundry at 215 W. 230th St., sometime between 9 p.m. on July 20 and 6 the next morning, according to police. And they weren’t just looking for some free clean clothes, or even a few quarters.

The thief reportedly shattered the glass door in the front of the store, managing to pry open the cash register, finding $400 cash.

The perp ran, police said, although there were no cameras or witnesses to see exactly where they were going.

Employees discovered the ransacked store in the morning and called police, who searched the area but came up empty handed.