Be careful where you choose to stop


Picking a random car to rob can be a risky business, because you never really know what you’re going to get.

One perp learned this lesson the hard way when he held up a driver Aug. 27, walking away with only $50 worth of mundane items like measuring tape.

The incident took place near the 3000 block of Tibbett Avenue just before 1:30 p.m., cops said. The driver was heading back to his office from a construction site on Riverdale Avenue, waiting at a stoplight, when a man started banging on his passenger-side window, reportedly flashing a handgun.

The man then smashed the window, according to the police, demanding, “Give me everything you got.” He then reached into the car, took the driver’s bookbag, and hopped into a nearby dark-colored car.

The underwhelming loot inside the bag was nothing more than measuring tape and business cards.

Police have some solid leads on this robbery with video footage of the scene. They also have a description of the reported robber, identifying him as Asian, standing 6-foot-1, and weighing 200 pounds. He was reportedly wearing a black face mask and hoodie.


Watch your wallet

It’s probably not the best idea to put your wallet on top of your shopping cart at the check-out.

One woman could’ve used this advice when shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Center on West 237th Street on Aug. 21. She placed her wallet on the top part of her shopping cart after paying, police said, and then noticed her wallet missing on her way to the exit.

The wallet reportedly contained another $1,600 cash and her residency card.


A mobile robbery

University Avenue turned into a scene from a Fast & Furious movie Aug. 23 when a group of scooter-riding thieves reportedly stole another man’s wheels.

Cops said the mobile heist took place just before 1:30 a.m., when someone riding his scooter was surrounded by four others on a pair of scooters.

One of the other men reportedly flashed a silver handgun, forcing the victim to jump off his 2019 red scooter and run away.

Police are looking at surveillance footage from a nearby camera.