Breathing easier elsewhere


To the editor:

The following statement is going to make the Trump apologists quite happy: If I were considering immigrating to the United States, I’d truly think twice or three times.

Who would want to move to a country that has failed to protect its people? That has, at its helm, someone too stupid or arrogant to understand what he is saying? Who foments mass shootings, and fails to lead?

Forget your wall, Trumpists. It’s already in place. The wall is called the Second Amendment and its unyielding defenders. Who knows? You or I may be the next victims.

If I were considering immigrating to the United States, I think I’d choose otherwise. And I’ve got what the United States wants: money and talent.

Sorry Trumpistas — making American safe should be your first priority. Leadership is a prerequisite. We have none, by his own admission.

So I’m not holding my breath. I’ll breathe easier almost anywhere else.

Adam Stoler

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Adam Stoler,