CB8's Ginty works hard


To the editor:

One of the great strengths of our community is the fact that we have many people who give countless hours as volunteers for the betterment of the community.

One such person is Rosemary Ginty, chair of Bronx Community Board 8. She is in her second year as board chair. She has literally spent hundreds and hundreds of hours offering her services and expertise to the board, a job made more difficult because the board had no district manager for many months of her tenure.

Rosemary attends meetings several nights each week, and spends much of her day at the board office working on the board’s business. And she gets paid nothing. She is a lawyer with expertise in the area of zoning. Her knowledge and experience are incalculable assets for the board and the community.

Rosemary Ginty is not serving as the chair because she wants to run for political office. She is not doing it because she wants to enhance a law practice. She is doing it because she wants to serve the community in which she has lived for many years.

We thank Rosemary Ginty and appreciate all that she does. She is a community treasure.

Jeffrey Dinowitz, Andrew Cohen

The authors are, respectively, the local state Assemblyman and city councilman.