Choose your fighter: Amazon or Target


One perp couldn’t decide whether they were more loyal to Amazon or Target when they allegedly pulled a scam on an unsuspecting customer.

The victim got a call March 9, police said, telling him there was fraud on his Amazon account. The victim was then instructed to buy $2,000 worth of Target gift cards, and to send the alleged thief the card access codes.

It wasn’t until a couple weeks later the victim found out he wasn’t talking to Amazon customer service and that he had been tricked into sending money.

Police have few leads, but detectives are investigating.


Making this CR-V disappear

Honda CR-Vs are the hot car to steal, at least as of right now inside the 50th Precinct.

Over and over, it’s history repeating itself, which continued April 20 when a woman parked her 2005 Honda CR-V near the 6300 block of Riverdale Avenue around lunchtime. As the story usually goes, she returned at some point not long after to find her car stolen.

Authorities say they have few leads. There was no surveillance footage to review, and a search of the area left police empty-handed.


An unsuccessful theft

Thieves typically break into a store and steal something. Others don’t make it that far.

That’s what happened at the Foodtown on Broadway, police said, when two perps broke in the pre-dawn hours of April 1 by throwing a brick at the front door and then kicking in the glass. One of the men made a bee-line for the cash register, tugging at it, only to quickly abandon his efforts when his accomplice called out to him.

The two ran off down Broadway toward the city.

What scared them off? Maybe they knew about the alarm, because authorities said it was triggered the moment they broke in.

Police don’t have much more than that on the perps outside the fact they both have a dark skin tone. One was wearing a white sweatshirt and sneakers with black sweatpants. The other had a blue sweatshirt with black sneakers.

Detectives are investigating.

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