Civility is coming back


To the editor:

The police characters in both film and television have an expression that aptly describes these “phony” summits of the grandstanding photo op resident in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

“Move on, there’s nothing to see.”

How appropriate.

Or try this one on from the ‘80s for Wendy’s: “Where’s the beef?”

With either description, we have the appropriate rendition of “Nothing to see. No substance.” 

Phony, empty, just like his promises. Hopefully not all the people all the time will be fooled. 

Vote Nov. 6 and send a message: Enough. We’re taking our country back from the crude, rude and lewd — including the entire “republiCon” party in congress.

Civility is making a comeback. All are welcome.

Adam Stoler

Adam Stoler