Police Beat

Coffee break leads to missing iPhone


An 18-year-old told police he walked into the Dunkin’ Donuts at 5987 Broadway for a cup of coffee a little before 2 a.m., on May 1. He set down his smartphone and walked out before realizing he’d forgotten it just a few minutes later. But that was just long enough for it to turn up missing.

The teen traced his phone to Yonkers using a GPS, police said, and a search around the Broadway Dunkin’ turned up empty. They valued the missing Apple iPhone X at $1,150.


Front gate bent, nothing seized

Thieves targeting storefront gates in this part of the Bronx tried doing it again — this time at a Mosholu Avenue deli around 2:15 a.m., on May 11.

There, police said they responded to a 911 call, finding the establishment’s front gate bent in a way that would’ve allowed a would-be burglar to slip through.

With the help of a witness, police canvassed the area, searching north of the deli. They spotted a 55-year-old man clad in all black hiding crouched in a gated front yard on the 5700 block of Post Road. 

The man reportedly tried to leave as police arrived, but they arrested him, charging him with attempted burglary. Even better news, the deli said nothing was taken.


Would-be phone snatcher nabbed

It was not a pleasant Saturday for at least one teenager in Marble Hill.

A 16-year-old told cops a guy a couple years older than him chased him from the corner of Marble Hill Avenue and West 228th Street around lunchtime on May 12, brandishing a knife and demanding the younger fellow’s cell phone.

The teen ran into a store, calling 911, but his pursuer followed him inside, police said, ordering him to “run your pockets — I know you have a phone.” 

The boy dashed out, fleeing toward home, police said, chased by the 18-year-old, hollering, “I know where you live, and I’m going to kill you.”

Police responded to the younger teen’s call, arresting his alleged pursuer — who the victim reportedly knew — ultimately took nothing, leaving him unharmed.

The man was charged with attempted robbery.


Another Honda eerily disappears

It’s one more missing Honda in this part of the Bronx.

A 59-year-old told police he parked his green 1996 Honda Accord on the 3500 block of Jerome Avenue near the southeast corner of Van Cortlandt Park around 5:30 a.m., on May 13, before going to work.

When he returned, however, his car was gone, police said, but there was no broken glass or tire marks where he’d parked it. An investigation afterward yielded no immediate clues.

There were no cameras in the area. The guy owed no parking tickets, ruling out a possible towing. And he still has keys to the car, police said, valued at around $18,000.

It’s case closed, but cops are on the lookout for the Honda.