Come down off your high horse


To the editor:

When voting at IN-Tech Academy on June 20, it was bad enough running into the gauntlet of eager candidates and their stand-ins. However, just as it’s the right of these people to solicit votes, so is my right to be treated with courtesy and respect.

After all, it is my vote — my purchase — which is being solicited.

The arrogance of a relative of Eric Dinowitz — not his father, whose office has been quite responsive — in aggressive arguing, was tawdry and unnecessary. I simply stated, after a number of attempts by earlier stand-ins to push a Dinowitz flyer in my face, “No, thank you,” and “No Dinowitz: I don’t want a political dynasty here in Riverdale.”

This was the last of the aggressive — but mainly polite — political pushers.

He was not polite. He was argumentative, nasty, surly, snide and rude. The best response he could give would have been, “Thank you,” and move on.

For the record, Eric, it was an older gentleman — perhaps your uncle or grandfather? It was not your father, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, whose sechel wouldn’t allow such poor public performance.

I will do anything I can to work against your candidacy for any office, while at the same time, still vote for the educated public servant your father demonstrates himself to be with his service to the community.

In sales — and that is what politics is — getting people to “buy” your candidacy, arrogance and argumentativeness are 100 percent guaranteed turn-offs.

If I was ever to be open to your candidacy for anything, your track record now has a permanent stain of arrogance attached to it.

As is often the case, behavior of this type stems from the top — the one in charge. And the responsibility starts with you. Feeling and acting entitled backfires. To boot, if this relative did this to me, I am sure he has — and did — do it to many others. I don’t feel singled out.

You are entitled to less than nothing. You represent me, a constituent, and all others who didn’t vote for you — if you win. Unless, of course, you are a Trumpian Republican, who represents only himself. Your stand-in’s behavior indicates more of the latter than the former.

Arrogance and entitlement should never be rewarded. It’s time to come down off your high horse and grow up.

This isn’t high school.

Adam Stoler

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Adam Stoler,