Come together


To the editor:

Since the election of Donald Trump, we have been heartened to see a resurgence in Democratic political activism. Throughout this primary election season, that activism has manifested itself in our local state senate race, as well as our statewide races.

Supporters of their respective candidates have been on the street, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and engaging in all types of advocacy in support of the candidates they think will best represent our values and support our community.

As Democrats, we believe that everyone has the right to health care, women have the right to choose, children have the right to quality education, and that the most vulnerable in our society deserve our support and protection.

But what we do starting the day after the election will truly determine whether or not we translate these values into policy.

Our first step to make these important policies a reality is to elect a Democratic majority in the state senate, as well as Democratic statewide office holders.

Regardless of who we believe is the better Democratic candidate in a given race, the most important act we can take on Sept. 13 is to unify behind our Democratic nominees so that our energies are focused on flipping Republican state senate seats, and electing Democrats throughout the state.

Together, we can truly achieve our shared Democratic goals.

Randi Martos
Eric Dinowitz

The authors are the Democratic district leaders for the 81st Assembly District.