Control these cars


To the editor:

I am writing to address two quality-of-life issues. The first is the high noise levels created by cars and motorcycles with modified or missing mufflers.

The noise is deliberate, offensive, intrusive to the quietude, disrespectful to our ears, and indeed painful.

Can lawmakers pass legislation to prohibit retail motorcycle and auto parts stores from selling and installing these contraptions? Police are overwhelmed and frustrated as well.

I think at the automobile or motorcycle inspection site, this could be disallowed and reported.

Random roadblocks or stops on highways could distribute summonses for these offenses.

The press can help to educate the public as to what are our rights and options.

Secondly, also involving cars. Many vehicles have installed window tints more than the law states at 30 percent darkening. Owners have blackened them all to disallow anyone from viewing the occupants or their activities.

This is downright scary.

The police are at their mercy. This is not acceptable for obvious reasons.

Police should ticket every vehicle or impound them until the windshields meet their legal tint level.

Danny Steiner

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Danny Steiner,