Council race starts with streets


To the editor:

(re: “Padernacht is in: Race for 2021 begins … wait, now?” July 19)

I was disappointed to read that Community Board 8’s Dan Padernacht will run for city council.

On July 22, this paper reported on a fatal collision at West 256th Street and Riverdale Avenue, just outside of P.S. 81, and on May 9, this paper reported on a driver who crashed his car into the Kumon Math and Reading Center just a few blocks away. This corridor is unconscionably dangerous, especially given the number of schools in the immediate vicinity, and badly-in-need-of design upgrades.

As leader of CB8’s traffic and transportation committee, Dan Padernacht has actively opposed the North Riverdale Merchants Association’s attempts to bring traffic calming measures to this stretch of Riverdale Avenue. 

As CB8 chair, he also opposed the transportation department’s essential Broadway redesign, which is currently being implemented despite his efforts, and which has already made it much safer and easier for residents to use the city buses and access Van Cortlandt Park.

Residents of this district and of this city want and deserve safer streets, and better access to transit. 

In his various roles on CB8, Padernacht has demonstrated, at best, a complete lack of understanding regarding road design, and at worst a selfish disregard for public safety.

He would be wise to realign his views on these matters quickly, otherwise he has no place on the city council.

Eben Weiss

Eben Weiss