Police Beat

Crime dips into Sedgwick mailbox


A 58-year-old told police he slipped a check for $1,200 into a mailbox on the 2700 block of Sedgwick Avenue in Kingsbridge Heights on Dec. 28.

But it wasn’t until more than a month later, on Feb. 1, he discovered someone for whom it wasn’t intended had illicitly cashed it the month before, according to a report.

Details are sketchy, nevertheless, police are looking into the grand larceny.


Looted Dodge unlocked, undamaged

One key to blocking break-ins, cops say, is locking car doors.

But a 52-year-old told police he may have forgotten to do that on his white 2017 Dodge Caravan. And if that’s the case, he certainly paid the price for it.

The guy left the car parked on the 3400 block of Tibbett Avenue in Kingsbridge around 3 p.m., Feb. 15. When he returned the following Sunday around the same time, he told police someone had ransacked his ride.

Missing were a Yokogawa digital multimeter, three LED flashlights, four Phillips screwdrivers, 15 audiovisual ports, a razor blade — oh, and a couple more screwdrivers — all worth around $1,600, police said.

Yet whoever looted the caravan made a clean job of it, since the vehicle reportedly suffered not a scratch. Possible security cameras at the location could help cops track them.


Motorcycle missing

A 43-year-old told police he parked his red 2016 Suzuki motorcycle on the 5200 block of Broadway in Marble Hill around 4 p.m., Feb. 8, returning the following morning a little before 7 — but it was gone.

The man believes someone may have rode off into the sunrise on his bike — valued by police at around $12,200.

Spotting a joyrider could be a little easier for police thanks to security cameras in the area, and they’re keeping an eye out for the stolen Suzuki.