Police beat

Crook plucks brews, plus FedEx scanner


At least one alleged thief probably planned on cracking open a cold one. Or several.

A Walgreens employee at 5564 Broadway told police a guy walked into the store around 3 p.m., March 30, before walking right back out, hoisting four 12-packs of Heineken. He also allegedly took what police described as a Zebra brand FedEx package scanner — all without making a stop to pay up at the cash register, according to a report.

Details are somewhat sketchy on the alleged perp’s appearance, although police say he was wearing a jacket and sweatpants, both black. The package scanner they valued at around $1,000, while the four-dozen beers are worth about $55 or so.

It’s unclear why the Kingsbridge drugstore’s employee waited until seven hours after the crime allegedly happened to call the cops, but cameras at the store probably will help track the man they believe committed it.

Police are looking into the grand larceny.


Gun-and-knifepoint shakedown

Kingsbridge Heights can be dangerous after midnight — no different than most anywhere in the city, really.

A 25-year-old told police he was walking along the northeast corner of Summit Place and Heath Avenue around 12:30 a.m., March 19, when another man crept up and pointed a black firearm at him. He stated the obvious — “I have a gun” — but also ordered him not to move, before snatching $150 from the guy and running off to parts unknown, according to a report.

But the alleged gunman, it seems, had a partner in crime — a second attacker police say whipped out a blade, pointing it at the victim’s right side.

Police scoured the area searching for the assailants to no avail, according to a report. But they described the alleged gun-bearer as around 5-foot-5, 160 pounds with black hair, while his knife-wielding accomplice appeared to be around 16, an inch or so taller but a bit slimmer, also with black hair.

And it seems their main interest was money, because the victim reportedly wasn’t physically injured.

Police are investigating the robbery.


Window smashed, goodbye airbag

A man parked his 2014 Honda Accord at the intersection of West Gun Hill Road and Jerome Avenue on the very fringe of the 50th Precinct before sunrise March 4, according to a report. But when he returned that evening around 7:30, he discovered someone had smashed his passenger-side window before ripping out the car’s airbag — valued at around $800 — along with a couple pairs of Ray-Ban glasses valued at $600.

It’s unclear whether security cameras in the area may have captured footage of an alleged airbag-Ray-Ban thief, but police are looking into the grand larceny.