Cuomo makes Erin's Law law


A bill that was pushed through Albany by both Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi is now law.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature has made Erin’s Law an actual law, which supporters say will require public schools to teach children about how to recognize and react to inappropriate behavior from adults.

It’s named for child safety advocate Erin Merryn, and also is expected to create avenues that will train parents and school personnel about how to recognize the signs that a child is being abused.

“The proactive, preventative approach taken by Erin’s Law is an integral complement to the Child Victims Act, which is primarily focused on seeking justice after abuse has already occurred,” Dinowitz said, in a release. “New York must do everything in its power to protect children, and this new requirements accomplishes just that.”

Biaggi took her celebration of the law’s passage to social media.

“The passage of Erin’s Law in New York state is a monumental win that is long overdue,” Biaggi said, in a statement. “For years, lawmakers and advocates fought for our children’s access to critical preventative resources to stop childhood sexual abuse, and today that battle is finally won.

“As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, it has been an honor to carry this bill and fight like hell to give future generations the tools I didn’t have to protect themselves against harm and lasting trauma.”


Engel blasts Trump on Jewish ‘loyalty’

Donald Trump says Jews who vote Democratic are disloyal. U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel says those words are not just very ignorant, but they’re also downright dangerous.

“The president’s comments maligned Jewish Americans who don’t share his political beliefs, suggesting loyalty tropes that have a painful history for the Jewish people, and have been used as a justification for violence and persecution,” Engel said, in a statement.