Police Beat

Deadbolt bandit plunders jewels, Xbox


At least one deadbolt proved no match for thieves operating in Kingsbridge lately.

A 26-year-old told cops he left his apartment on the 200 block of Naples Terrace around 11 a.m., on May 23, returning early the next morning to find the deadbolt securing his front door unlocked.

The mystery lock picker reportedly made his way into the man’s bedroom, where he nabbed three watches, nine pairs of earrings, four necklaces, an Xbox, several video games, and $3,500 cash. 

Police valued the non-cash items at more than $4,600.


Jeep vanishes from North Riverdale

Cars keep disappearing in this part of the Bronx, despite the 50th Precinct’s best efforts to curb the grim trend. In the meantime, cops urge vehicle owners not to leave valuables lying around in plain sight.

A 37-year-old probably wishes she’d heeded that advice. She told police she parked her 2007 Jeep Compass — valued by police at around $10,000 — on the 300 block of West 259th Street in North Riverdale around 9 p.m., on May 23, returning around 7 a.m., the next morning only to find it missing. Also gone were a pair of Nike sneakers and a graduation bracelet, worth around $150 each, along with a gym bag police valued at $75.

There reportedly was no broken glass, and possibly no cameras in the area either, which makes solving the heist trickier.

Still, police say they’re on the lookout for the Jeep.