Deliveryman gets a fist full of keys


A man was delivering on the 600 block of West 237th Street on May 31, when a reckless driver reportedly confronted him, punching him in the face with a fist full of keys. Stopped at a stop sign around 4:15 p.m., the deliveryman told police he noticed the other driver was speeding.

“Don’t you see the stop sign!” the man yelled, according to the report. The other driver then jumped out of his car and punched the deliveryman in the face with keys in-between each of his knuckles, police said.

The key-wielding attacker fled in a black Toyota Rav 4.

Power tools stolen from parked car

A man who parked his car next to Van Cortlandt Park along the 6200 block of Broadway returned 10 hours later to find his rear passenger window broken and $1,200 in belongings missing, police say.

The man parked his car just before the end of the day on May 25, returning at 9:30 the next morning. In that time, police said, thieves made way with power tools and textbooks.

Two Milwaukee Tool-brand drills and a saw were taken, which police valued at $1,100. Multiple textbooks, valued at $100 total, were also nicked, according to the report. No value was placed on the damage to the window of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Police are investigating the grand larceny and said surveillance cameras nearby could help them identify suspects.

New car stranded without wheels

A two-door Honda had its tires and rims removed when the vehicle’s 20-year-old owner parked it at 7 p.m., on May 30, on the northeast corner of Sedgwick and Reservoir avenues. When he returned around 9 the next morning, all four tires and rims were gone.

The car was parked in an area police identified as isolated and particularly vulnerable to theft. The stolen wheels were valued at $1,200.