Dems took no seats in House


To the editor:

(re: “Bowman introduces a new age in House,” Nov. 19)

The Democratic Party, prior to the Nov. 3 election (and before recent vacancies due to retirements and death), held a substantial 32-seat advantage over the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Democrats held 233 seats, and the Republicans had 201.

A Libertarian held the other seat.

In this recent election, the Republicans did not lose one single seat. All Republican incumbents were re-elected, and they kept their open seats. The Democrats, on the other hand (and this letter was written on Nov. 25), at last count had suffered a loss of enough seats to substantially lower their majority.

This was a drastic and humiliating defeat for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who had expected a blue tidal wave of massive proportions to sweep over the country.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz himself can verify this. Ask him.

Yet your reporter, Kirstyn Brendlen, in her story, conjures up a supposed conversation among Democrats that makes no sense whatsoever, except on her part to possibly fool uninformed readers who do not follow politics and naively (some would say, stupidly) believe everything they read or hear.

This is what Kirstyn Brendlen wrote: “Democrats didn’t take as many seats in the House as they had hoped …”

The indisputable facts are that the Democrats didn’t take any seats. None! They lost seats. Plenty of seats!

I would expect this kind of fake “reporting” from that biased rag, The New York Times, not from The Riverdale Press.

Alvin Gordon

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Alvin Gordon,