Developers can't fool us


To the editor:

(re: “Developer not ashamed of opening up to homeless,” Oct. 8)

I recently moved to Riverdale, and just received my first issue of The Riverdale Press. I would like to refer to your story on the developer who intends to build additional housing on Broadway.

The author mentions that this same developer went back on his stated intention for earlier developments in the same area. If he failed to abide with his proposal for these buildings, why would he keep his promises for the proposed new developments? Isn’t there anyone else who can erect these buildings and keep his promise for the development purpose?

I feel that if this developer is allowed to proceed with his plans, he will do the exact same thing he did the previous time. People who take him for his word are going to be very much disappointed.

Fool me once …

Hopefully, brighter and wiser minds will prevail this time around.

I enjoyed your publication, and will subscribe.

Joseph Resto

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Joseph Resto,