Dinowitz only serving himself


To the editor:

(re: “Why not speak up,” Jan. 9)

The editor correctly criticized Eric Dinowitz for injecting his political campaign into the community board. It is clear he was trying to politicize the MTA plan for his own political purposes.

Dinowitz and his handlers weren’t happy that the issue was being heard in Community Board 8’s traffic and transportation committee, which is chaired by Dan Padernacht.

So he jumped ahead of the traffic committee to attract attention to himself and steal an issue from his opponent.

Dinowitz was not serving the community, just himself. He was not “blowing the whistle” on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The plan was widely disseminated by the MTA who sought input from bus riders one year before any changes would be implemented. The MTA has stated several times that the plan is not imminent, and seems to be stepping away from the drastic cuts.

Yet Dinowitz is scaring people into believing this is an urgent crisis. If you don’t believe the community board stunt was for political purposes, look at Dinowitz’s latest campaign to do an online petition to fight the express bus cuts. The petition is an obvious attempt to gain attention and email addresses of voters.

I’m sure we’ll hear how he saved the community in a few months when the MTA formally withdraws its plan.

As for the writer’s questioning of first jurisdiction among committees, it is professional courtesy. Most people in business and government know and respect the concept.

Of course, Dinowitz was playing politics, not practicing professionalism.

Jason Peri

EDITOR’S NOTE: After this letter was submitted, the MTA formally delayed express bus service cuts in the Bronx.

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Jason Peri,