Do we really know Israel?


To the editor:

(re: “Bowman is critical of Israel,” Feb. 4)

I am a Jewish refugee of Nazi Germany. I am deeply concerned to read the comments from Rabbi Avi Weiss to U.S. Rep. Jamaal Bowman.

Why is it that you present this manipulation by political Zionists who, since 1948, have had an agenda that has led to apartheid and an attempt to destroy the Palestinian population? Isn’t it time that Zionists acknowledge what they have done — How apartheid has led to the “Judaization” and gradual destruction of Palestine and its people?

Please take a moment and ask yourself how and why Zionists are transforming Palestine into the state of Israel, a land for Jews only, by destruction and elimination of Palestine. Just as Jews were hated and deemed inferior by the holier-than-thou Nazis, so Palestinians are deemed inferior by holier-than-thou political Zionists.

I am for social justice, and Palestine must be free from political Zionism. For all people have a right to their collective identities.

Lillian Rosengarten

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