Police Beat

Dodge doors left open for thieves


Despite repeated warnings from the 50th Precinct, some drivers still forget to lock their car doors — and thieves keep capitalizing on it.

A 23-year-old told cops he parked his white 2018 Dodge Ram on the 300 block of West 240th Street, just south of Gaelic Park in Kingsbridge, around 2:30 a.m., Feb. 24. When he returned that afternoon around 2:30, however, he discovered his doors were unlocked, and several of his belongings reportedly disappeared — a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, another of Tom Ford glasses, a set of Apple AirPods wireless headphones, plus a bag of around $20 in loose change.

All told, police valued everything at around $1,100.

Nothing hinting at a break-in, police said, suggesting the guy may have walked away from his truck without first locking the doors. But a security camera nearby could provide footage leading to the sneaky intruder.

Police are investigating the grand larceny.


Missing: Yet another motorcycle in town

A 35-year-old told police he parked his 2018 Honda Grom motorcycle on the 2700 block of University Avenue in Kingsbridge Heights around suppertime on Feb. 14. But upon returning the following morning around 9:30, there was no sign of it.

Security cameras at the location could offer cops a glimpse of the yellow bike, valued at around $2,900. The motorcycle’s owner told police there were no license plates on it at the time of its disappearance, although it’s not clear whether he parked it on a public street or private property, according to a report.

Even if he’d parked it on the street without plates, however, the guy probably just would’ve gotten a ticket, police said.

Otherwise it’s case closed, but cops are looking out for the motorcycle.