Domestic violence feeds homelessness


There are many factors that go into why someone might end up homeless. But nothing drives families out of their homes faster than domestic violence.

At least that’s according to a new report from city comptroller Scott Stringer, who found more than 40 percent of families looking for shelter are there because of problems at home.

“Every year, thousands of domestic violence survivors are pushed to the brink, experience homelessness, and have no way of finding a stable home for themselves or their children,” Stringer said, in a release. “It’s a tragedy — but we cannot accept this status quo as just the way things are. We must do more to lift up survivors who need a city government as their unwavering ally.

Domestic violence leading to homelessness over the past year has risen more than 44 percent since 2014, Stringer said.

To fix this, the comptroller is asking city officials to pursue a number of recommendations he’s offering aimed at moving domestic violence victims into permanent housing.

That includes extending a housing subsidy to those families, since his study indicated those with such financial help were less likely to return to a shelter.

However, over the past year, more than half of domestic violence victims leaving the shelter walked away without any subsidy at all.

“Bronx residents suffering from domestic abuse must have more options than choosing to remain with an abuser or enter into a shelter,” state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi said, in a release. “It is critical that New York City and state work together to create financial and legislative investment, and expand avenues for domestic violence survivors to access safe housing and residential services.”


Bowman leads small donors against Engel

Jamaal Bowman, one of the Democats hoping to replace Eliot Engel in Congress, says he’s raised more than $112,000 over the past three months, and that the sitting chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee needs to watch out.

Bowman now has $189,000 in his campaign war chest, according to a release from his campaign, compared to just under $350,000 in Engel’s campaign bank account.

All but a handful of Bowman’s money came from grassroots donors of $200 or less, he said. Engel, on the other hand, raised just $5,000 in small donations.

Bowman is considered one of Engel’s leading primary challengers for his congressional seat.

Another challenger,  Andom Ghebreghiorgis, has just under $50,000 cash on hand, according to federal campaign finance reports.