Don't be afraid to ask questions


To the editor:

(re: “Congressional district serves someone who’ll actually be present,” “Engel deserves to be elected again,” June 11)

Your paper published a letter supporting our congressman, Eliot Engel, as well as a letter supporting his opponent, Jamaal Bowman. I am not writing to support either candidate, but because our recently elected state senator, Alessandra Biaggi, stated she supports Jamaal Bowman because he is not the incumbent, that disturbs me.

I believe that when you vote in an election between someone who wants to be re-elected and a challenger, you must answer two questions:

• Has the incumbent (or community representative) in his duties as a lawmaker been absent from or indifferent to the issues raised by the challenger? And …

• Do you believe that the challenger has the qualifications necessary to do a better job than the person currently holding the office?

One important fact that each of us must consider is that our voting district is a one-party district. Until running for his office, Mr. Bowman had never attempted to influence the Democratic Party — he was an independent.

The only power we have to choose a candidate in a one-party district is in a primary.

Ask the questions, and vote!

Howard Wasserfall

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Howard Wasserfall,