Don't be selling Richie short, now


To the editor:

(re: “For decades, news here was delivered Stein way,” Dec. 17)

Congratulations on the Dec. 17 issue saluting the 70th year of The Riverdale Press. I know better than most how much hard work went into its creation.

I’d like to offer one criticism. In your A1 story about my brother and me, you conclude that our different talents contributed to our success as publishers of The Press, echoing our parents in asserting that I am the writer and Richard the artist.

The fact is, as friends have often heard me say, that while I don’t have Richie’s skills, he does have mine. He is a fine writer. Just look at the piece he wrote about the derailment of the Metro-North train that you republished in this issue.

The real difference between us is in temperament. Richard’s disposition is sunnier than mine. But for 30 years, we were equal partners in putting out what I say, without blushing, was one of the finest community newspapers in the United States.

And in all that time, we seldom disagreed — and hardly ever quarreled.

Bernard L. Stein

The author is a publisher emeritus and former editor of The Riverdale Press.

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Bernard L. Stein,