Don't mock plastic ban


To the editor:

At first I took umbrage with the Jan. 24 political cartoon on the Opinion page. I posted to the Bronx Council for Environmental Quality Facebook group, which started an online conversation. Now I thank cartoonist Dale Neseman for starting the discussion.

If the purpose of political cartoons is to encourage thinking and discourse, this one certainly got my attention. The police officers are portrayed as abusive to the elderly woman in custody, spread-eagled on their car.

The crime is not in the use of plastic bags and straws, but at the point of sale. She left the premises, and maybe she was about to dispose improperly?

We sure need to find solutions to the plastic pollution problem. By 2022, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

We sure do need to be cognizant of plastic solution. How about a cartoon about how the city’s environmental protection department is an ironic misnomer?

Support the efforts to curb plastic pollution. Please don’t mock it.

Ira Charles Levenberg