Don't resist the vaccine


To the editor:

Has anyone noticed how constantly we are bombarded with reminders and text messages to get vaccinated?

Well yes, it’s certainly good advice. Apparently some people need more incentive.

The number of deaths and people suffering from long-term, lingering effects are not enough. The fact is we live in communities that are impacted by those refusing to be vaccinated.

The more people who get infected — read: non-vaccinated individuals — the more mutations leading to resistant, more toxic strains.

This negates the almost miraculous, incredibly rapid development of vaccines with efficacy far surpassing expectations. There are many restrictions we, as a society responsible for the collective welfare, have accepted, like seatbelts, motorcycle helmets and no smoking restrictions.

It is simply ludicrous to compare these with the actions of dictators in fascist societies.

Jerome Levkov

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Jerome Levkov,