Police Beat

Door damage not needed for burglary


It wasn’t because he forgot to lock his door, but at least one thief reportedly found a way into a man’s Washington’s Walk-adjacent home. And once inside, the place was theirs for the plundering.

A 34-year-old told police he departed from his apartment, locking the door behind him, on the 2800 block of University Avenue around lunchtime Oct. 16 to visit his wife in the hospital.

When he returned early the next morning, the door was as he’d left it — locked, police said. But upon entering his apartment, he noticed his living room fire escape window open.

Police believe it was through that aperture someone slipped in after unlocking the hatch and bending the gate. Once inside, they reportedly pilfered $3,300 cash, two Sony PlayStation 4s, five PlayStation 4 controllers, an Apple watch, a couple pairs of Gucci sneakers, as well as miscellaneous jewelry.

Police valued the non-cash bounty at $2,150, and they’re still investigating.


Buzzed driver flips Benz

A 72-year-old man reportedly knocked back a few beverages before hopping into his luxe ride — and his world was turned upside down because of it.

Police responded to a call about a car accident on the 5100 block of Post Road in Fieldston around suppertime Oct. 18, where they found the man, according to a report, unsteady on his feet, with watery, bloodshot eyes, and smelling like he’d had a drink or two. He was standing next to a black 2017 Mercedes C300, which police say struck two parked cars before flipping over, coming to a stop on its roof in a driveway.

The man was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he was treated for what police described as minor injuries, but he refused to take a chemical test.

He was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.


No Corolla, few clues, case closed

Just how a woman’s 2002 Toyota Corolla disappeared probably has cops — and the driver herself — scratching their heads.

The 43-year-old told police she parked her blue sedan on the 2800 block of Bailey Avenue in Kingsbridge Heights around 4 p.m., on Oct. 17, returning the following morning around 7 finding no trace of it.

Police scoured the area, but turned up not a clue — no broken glass, nor does it appear the woman may have left her keys in the vehicle, or the doors unlocked.

A lack of cameras at the location further deepens the mystery, police said. Nevertheless, they’re on the lookout for the Corolla.